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We Love Windy TV

Actual weather and forecast - set your location, change the height - simply great real time and forecasting for paraglider pilots. 

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Your Route to Advanced Pilot

The BHPA have been working hard on a program called PDS (Pilot Development Structure) - Your route to Advanced Pilot and how to get there.Full details are here BHPA - You've got your CP - congrats!They have started with Club Pilot - the transition from School to Club and it looks like this:

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Portugal Surfing - Nazaré

We visit Nazaré twice a year for its sea breeze, before and after the Summer, but in December, its a different story, Nazaré hosts the record for the largest wave ever surfed. Here Red Bull filmed an amazing surfing session in December 2016.

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New BHPA Tandem course

Here at Sunsoar we have received a few enquiries to train pilots for their dual licence.We think that you must be mad not to fly like the birds - so the more tandem pilots there are to 'Share the Love'the better.This is not an easy qualification, with around only 50 qualified tandem pilots in the [...]

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Billed as a classic EnB, but with incredible climbing performance, the U-Turn BLACKLIGHT 2 has finally arrived.All the details are on our webpage http://www.sunsoar-paragliding.com/u-turn-blacklight-2/Here's a video of what it looks like in the air - showing its performance on XC up against a Boomerang 10 comp wing.Here's the translation of what Ojovolador had to say. Video: Testing [...]

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Paragliding Blackpool Prom!

It's one of those days that's blown out in the hills - so I went local - to the coast - at the old miner's home it was a steady 16mph wsw, the seagulls were soaring, the tide was retreating - perfect!Here's the go kart circuit near Gynn SquareIt needs to be reasonably windy, a [...]

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U-Turn blacklight 2

We have been eagerly awaiting the much anticipated successor to the original U-Turn Blacklight paraglider, which turned the market on its head for some time by producing the best performing true enB.Now the Blacklight 2 has been totally designed from scratch and again they reckon that it is raising the bar in the B Class [...]

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Congrats to Jacob

Jacob Butterworth - Club Pilot + showing the students how it's done at only 14 years old!

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