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Portugal Surfing - Nazaré

We visit Nazaré twice a year for its sea breeze, before and after the Summer, but in December, its a different story, Nazaré hosts the record for the largest wave ever surfed. Here Red Bull filmed an amazing surfing session in December 2016.

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New BHPA Tandem course

Here at Sunsoar we have received a few enquiries to train pilots for their dual licence.We think that you must be mad not to fly like the birds - so the more tandem pilots there are to 'Share the Love'the better.This is not an easy qualification, with around only 50 qualified tandem pilots in the [...]

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Billed as a classic EnB, but with incredible climbing performance, the U-Turn BLACKLIGHT 2 has finally arrived.All the details are on our webpage http://www.sunsoar-paragliding.com/u-turn-blacklight-2/Here's a video of what it looks like in the air - showing its performance on XC up against a Boomerang 10 comp wing.Here's the translation of what Ojovolador had to say. Video: Testing [...]

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Paragliding Blackpool Prom!

It's one of those days that's blown out in the hills - so I went local - to the coast - at the old miner's home it was a steady 16mph wsw, the seagulls were soaring, the tide was retreating - perfect!Here's the go kart circuit near Gynn SquareIt needs to be reasonably windy, a [...]

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U-Turn blacklight 2

We have been eagerly awaiting the much anticipated successor to the original U-Turn Blacklight paraglider, which turned the market on its head for some time by producing the best performing true enB.Now the Blacklight 2 has been totally designed from scratch and again they reckon that it is raising the bar in the B Class [...]

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Congrats to Jacob

Jacob Butterworth - Club Pilot + showing the students how it's done at only 14 years old!

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Acro made simple

Here's a clip from Ruben Lippuner - showing how easy it is to 'Helico' ones Glider - Don't try this at home kids! the blind freehand helico paragliding acro from Ruben Lippuner on Vimeo.

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Alpine Inspiration

This video should give you plenty of inspiration. We've not landed on Mont Blanc yet! but not far off, on our French Alps trip. A week before this video we flew half of this flight and had our ambitions on the Aravis range towards Annecy, this was our customers' first XC attempts and we made it to [...]

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14th World Championships

Watch from a pilot's perspective - competition racing and thermalling in the FAI World Championships in Columbia, view from Pal's on board go pro.

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Morocco site reopened

Great News: Aguergour flying site is officially open, this is fantastic news not only for the local community who benefit from all of the visiting pilots to the area, but also for our clients who enjoy some winter flying in a fantastic location.   Photos courtesy of Damien Lecire <damien@abertih.com>

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