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Paragliding Blackpool Prom!

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It's one of those days that's blown out in the hills - so I went local - to the coast - at the old miner's home it was a steady 16mph wsw, the seagulls were soaring, the tide was retreating - perfect!

Here's the go kart circuit near Gynn Square

It needs to be reasonably windy, a constant check on ground speed to ensure I was going forward was essential, I was going up even over the sea and didn't need to surf the higher cliffs, there was enough lift from the small sea wall. With only 1 mph forward at times a speed bar was also necessary, although there is always North Shore golf course to land on if it got too windy. Anyway, after flying up to the North Pier and back along the prom, the breeze was starting to get fresh, and the sand was appearing nicely for a safe beach landing in a breeze.

This is the Hilton Hotel's grassy lawn - an option if the wind picked up, always brings back fond memories of the diving boards at Derby Baths that were on this site.

So, not epic mountain flying, but fun none the less. I shall be back soon....

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