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Paragliding The Green Wall

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Day 4 and the Annapurna Range was clearly visible in the morning and the low inversion looked to have gone. 

There was little cloud over the back making the Green Wall look a like a distinct possibility.

It got past midday and even pilots in the house thermal were struggling, there was hardly any temperature differential making climbing up very tricky. 

Just the odd thermal breaking through, so a definite climb and quick decision to go was necessary.

Climbing out to 1900mtrs guarantees arrival at Diki Danda. I arrived and then nearly bombed out, but tenacity paid off loitering around for what seemed like an eternity, I managed to scratch my way back up as a weak thermal broke free, once higher on the wall it begame a little easier.

Then a lee sider had me coring up to the inversion at 2700mtrs. 

A long glide around the bowl that provided nothing in the way of decent lift - to the last feature and there was a decent climb on the sunny spur back up to 2500mtrs. Then it seems like a long glide back to Saragkot - but I made it back to take-off to close the circuit.

So, if you haven't done it that's the Green Wall circuit, which given half decent flying conditions should be more reliable and pretty easy to complete. It's not a long XC but an amazing route below the Himalayas surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Villagers on route shouting Namaste, parrots and monkeys calling from the tree tops, vultures guiding you along and the unfeasible glide back: all make for a very memorable flight.

Green Wall Track log

Annapurna Range of the Himalayas in the clear.

Landing at sunset

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