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The Road back

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Day 6 - We went for a fly at lunchtime - it was a shame to land but we had to hit the road at 3pm to avoid travelling back to Pokhara in the dark, with half the bikes having no lights!

Then the real adventure began, the roads presented us with many challenges, the biggest being the traffic, with buses and lorries appearing on our side of the road, cows wandering around, locals trying to cross carrying hay bales. 

It took a while to get used to the Nepalese indicators - they indicate right meaning pass by, but it could also mean I'm turning right - it was totally random, we went from flat out to slamming on the brakes all the way back along the sweeping bends. .

We were faced with pot holes like craters, similar to the UK roads! but with massive ravines to fall into at the side of the road.There was a new road section being built which meant all traffic was sent off road which was muddy and a proper trail to negotiate.  

Flashing headlights do not mean 'after you' but rather: 'I'm coming through regardless' a blast of the horn also means the same.

Closer to Pokhara the traffic became very dense - crowded with wagons, buses and hundreds of motorbikes and scooters a chaotic mass of traffic all trying to overtake on a narrow road, you would find everyone facing head on accelerating and then diving back into the traffic. 

Despite the challenges it was a real adventure and we all made it back to our favourite Chinese restaurant in Pokhara before night time.

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