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U-Turn Paragliders - Blacklight2 and Crossrock

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Quite possibly the least marketed gliders available. The company lets the products speak for themselves, but really are underselling themselves as they are quite possibly the best on the market. 

I have been out there flying the U-Turn Blacklight 2 for last season and I have to say it is one of the best all-round gliders I have ever flown. 

I have been flying in the Pennines recently and was surprised to see so many Advance Iota2s, that really I felt compelled to write a blog post, I have seen the Iota being outflown by U-Turn's enA wing!

I suppose it does make a difference who is flying the glider and the conditions and its always difficult to make an impartial comparision particularly as a seller of the products in question. 

Hence I can only remark on the observations that I have made over the last year of flying the Blacklight 2. 

The wing is actually super solid and a great deal of time I have flown comfortably hands off - filming and on the radio to students. I have even thermalled in Bir India - with a selfie stick in one hand.

This was my first noticable impression of the wing - that the leading edge is super rock solid, and whilst the under side fabric is lightweight the reassurance of solidity is superb. 

I have been able to outclimb every other wing, noteably in Nepal and India I have outclimbed Ozone Delta 3s, Advance Sigma 10s - up close. as well as everything else. The wing certainly does pick up and climb in all available lift, it is a joy to fly.

Additionally the glide is fantastic, last year I was able to climb and then glide onto our local Mallerstang ridge from Tailbridge hill on the B2 which I have only ever managed to do on comp wings.

In close quarters in Bir I flew literally side by side with a Niviuk Artic 5 (ENC) and there was nothing to separate us on glide! 

So whilst the wing is a B - it has the performance at the top of the catagory but with an aspect of 5.61, it sits firmly in the Mid B range for safety, the tensioning throughout the sail and through the sharknose are incredibly reassuring particularly when speeded up.

This was recently demonstrated in Olu Deniz by some of our regular pilots acheiving very controllable outcomes during their SIV course with Jocky. We were all very impressed with the reassuring performance in recovery from deviated flight.

A fortnight ago I took ownership of the all new U-Turn Crossrock which is the lightweight version of the Blacklight 2 weighing in at 3.6kg (xs). What can I say, this has all of the Blacklight 2 characteristics and you also get a smaller lighter pack, but not too fragile, the fabric has been chosen to also give longevity, but also you have a resultant better glide performance.

At Olu Deniz - restricted to the 1200mtr takeoff - I was able to thermal this little beauty up to 2300mtrs each day - which is no easy task. but this Crossrock became my closest friend over the week and i was able to crank it around with confidence in even the smallest of thermals. It really can be turned on a sixpence and rises like a demon!

Also reassuring was its solidity and feedback when close in to the massive screes and rocky outcrops, I simply love this wing.

I have just had the opportunity to fly the Crossrock here in the UK, at Parlick one of my local sites I was able to put it through its paces again and was able to out-thermal every wing in the sky! and there were a few as the BPC was being held over the weekend, put it down to skill or luck but this wing certainly does perform incredibly well.

In its catagory it has to be one of the best.

If you would like to try either a U-Turn Blacklight 2 or a Crossrock - simply give up a bell or message me - Pete Morris at Sunsoar 07980 743864.  We can get hold of a demo and also offer unbeatable prices on your next wing!

For more info check out the webpages U-Turn Crossrock  Blacklight 2


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