Suitability – Level 2 or 3 (experienced / proficient Club Pilot or confident XC pilot)

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Nepal has got to be on any pilot's wish list of paragliding destinations and rightly so. The Pokhara area offers some of the best flying opportunities anywhere in the world.  

We will be based next to the lake in Pokhara, which is a short domestic flight away from Kathmandu. The weather in Nepal in February is generally pleasantly warm in the day, but often quite cool at night. This usually leads to good thermal conditions in the daytime with light winds.

Our primary flying site is the famous Sarangkot ridge above Fewa lake with its reliable house thermal, though we will also use other sites during the trip.


Our main site in Pokhara features a long ridge with many thermaling opportunities to get high. Our aim is to go XC of course, but for low airtime pilots the thermals are generally smooth and wide and beginners to thermaling will enjoy the reliable conditions while learning how to core and climb. You’ll be thermaling with Himalayan Griffon Vultures – amazing!  We will be concentrating on progressing your climbs and transitions to gain maximum distance, but also chilling out and taking in the breath-taking scenery. 

Our guides will fly with you and direct you on the radio to thermal high and go XC.  There are some great cross-country routes that are achievable. In particular, the classic 25 km ''Green Wall'' triangle from Pokhara, which includes soaring up a massive dense forest in the foothills of the Himalaya.  


The take-offs are grassy and straight forward, but as with any mountain flying trip pilots will need to be capable of forward and reverse launching.  

There are several designated landing areas along the lake shore within reach of the main ridge. Additionally, there are plenty of clear unobstructed areas to touch down when you go XC.

Recovery from the bottom landing areas are mostly on rough, but tarmacked roads, so retrieves are straightforward and often several flights a day are achievable.



We will be based in a smart, clean and bright hotel on Pokhara lakeside. This is one of the best hotels in the area to ensure that you have a good night's sleep and are comfortable when not flying. We will be staying on a bed and breakfast basis. 

In the evenings there are many good restaurants to explore along Pokhara lakeside (most have free WiFi for customers) and right outside the hotel is the hustle and bustle of the local shops and street vendors with the exotic sights, sounds and smells of Nepal.



You will have the opportunity to look around Kathmandu on the way to Pokhara and on the return leg. The Monkey Temple overlooking the city is a must and there are many incredible things to see. 

On the last couple of trips, we have hired motorbikes or scooters and visited one of the many temples around Pokhara. The more adventurous have also ridden motorbikes 2-3 hours to our alternative flying site in Bandipur, taking in the sights and sounds along the way - an unforgettable experience! 

There are lots of interesting places to see in the Pokhara area and non-flying partners have been easily occupied on previous trips. 



We normally eat out on Lakeside in Pokhara during the evenings. A stroll from our hotel features an abundance of restaurants and bars catering for the thriving trekking industry. 

You will find yourself in among the hustle and bustle of daily Nepalese life around the town, as well as mixing with tourists from all over the world, sampling the cafes and bars. There are endless shops selling outdoor equipment, all very reasonably priced.

The food is generally excellent and reasonably priced. Beers are a little more expensive as they are heavily taxed, but this never seems to be an issue at the end of the flying day!



There are a few airlines servicing Kathmandu, including Qatar, Oman Air and Emirates. We generally fly out of Heathrow or Manchester with a stop off at Abu Dhabi or Doha. We will meet you at Kathmandu airport and the first night we will stay in the city centre, before travelling to Pokhara by internal flight the next day. When we return to Kathmandu at the end of the trip it will be on a short internal flight. We will then spend a night in Kathmandu before flying home.


This two week trip includes:

  • All transfers to and from the airports in Nepal

  • Accommodation in Kathmandu on a B&B basis

  • Internal return flights to/from Pokhara

  • Accommodation on a B&B basis in Pokhara

  • Transport to take off in Pokhara (usually two or more times per day)

  • Accommodation at the alternate flying site for one night



XC guiding throughout the week.

Transport will be provided to shuttle us up to take-off and some retrieves will be available. Additionally, we may hire 4x4 jeeps to take us to different sites during our stay.

We usually include a mid-trip visit to another flying area and stay for one night. This opens up another area of paragliding to us which is often a highlight of the trip!


Please Note: The Nepal trip will run from Sat 30 Jan - Sat 13 Feb 2021.  You can book any international flights you like, just make sure you are in Kathmandu on the evening of Sat 30 Jan 21. We will fly to Pokhara on internal flights on Sun 31 Jan 21. That way you can shop around for flights that suit you. Hotel accommodation on Sat 30 Jan 21 is included in the trip price, but you can arrive on the Friday, at your own expense. On the way back we will fly to Kathmandu from Pokhara on Fri 12 Feb 21 and stop over that night. That night in Kathmandu is also included in the trip price. You can fly home any time on Sat 13 Feb 21, or even stay longer at your own expense. 


As always, please do not book your flights until the trip has been confirmed by us!