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 Worldrecord with A level glider

The experienced Swiss XC pilot Benjamin Becker is the first person to fly a 200km triangle with an LTF A class wing. With the brand new A class wing Emotion 3 Becker could break the existing record and extend it by more than 40km.

„Today 200km would be a great thing“ Becker was joking before taking off. 8 hours and 17 minutes later he had 200km on the display. Totally happy he flew few km more to be safe over 200km track. The good flight conditions and the sporty A-class wing with its high passive safety made it possible to succeed. With a higher classified wing I wouldn’t have pushed the speedbar that much relaxed in the rough conditions in air at the end of the flight, so Benjamin. He flew the record with an average speed of 25km/h- the high trim speed of the Emotion 3 made it possible.




Slovenia Calling

We are off to the Julian Alps in Slovenia for some classic Cross Country Conditions this July, this one promises to be a beauty, with many XC routes to try and achieve your personal best. Pete G has been here many times, we will also be using a local guide who knows the weather systems very well to ensure everyone remains safe and fulfills their potential. Why not reserve your place and have a great trip to look forward to.

Are You Up For It?

For you pilots wanting to develop your XC potential and those of you needing to achieve your Pilot rating, our now legendary Alps trip is the one for you. This trip is scheduled to coincide with the St.Hilaire flying festival from the 17th till 25th. September. 



Our partner from Sunsoar Wales, legendary Joint Sevices paragliding guru Pete Gallagher has recently returned from our most recent trip to Nepal. Go to the Sunsoar PG Facebook page to follow the wonderful adventure that this trip turned out to be.   

Last night in Kathmandu, still struggling to comprehend what's happened in the last two weeks, going to take a while for it all to sink in i reckon! An adventure of a lifetime to coin a cliché I guess. Many thanks to Pete Gallagher for his expertise and watchful eye, always ensuring we were as safe as we could possibly be, and to Al Robinson and Charlie Fryer for being on hand with advice and sharing their wisdom of the skies. Thanks also to Sunsoar Paragliding for making it all possible, and last but not least, all the fellow pilots and new friends I have made, you couldn't have asked for a better bunch! Looking forward to seeing the missus! Where next chaps?
Thanks to Dave Lee 



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