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Post Club Pilot continuation and Pilot Courses - Morocco


Paragliding Course Description


Sunsoar have been flying in Morocco for many years, taking advantage of the ideal Winter flying climate....

The Location

The flat plain and warm air of this part of inland Morocco is ideal for easy soaring and generating big, user friendly thermals. Our prime flying site in this region is Agregour, a long 550m high ridge looking out over the flatlands. It is easy to top land here, with a big launch area. The area of lift can be huge, with loads of room for everyone- something that can be a problem in some locations. The recovery from the bottom landing is very direct and is mostly a tarmac road with a ten minute or so walk to the two take off areas---so retrieves are no problem. There are family run cafes at both take off and landing.

The site is about 45minutes from the bustling city of Marrakech where we are based, and so this location has everything you want for a memorable trip: great flying, interesting culture and nightlife, exotic resaurants and a chance to shop and sightsee as well.

The Holiday

This trip is perfect for those who are looking for some easy airtime in the sunshine.  This location based in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, tends to enjoy a microclimate producing regular steady breezes blowing against the ridge--ideal for soaring and top landings. It is also ideal for post CP pilots working towards their Pilot rating. Often there are big gentle thermals and restitution (magic lift!) so you can find yourself exploring the lift way out over the flatlands in front of the main ridge--an ideal environment for developing your thermalling techniques.

We go to great lengths to help you get the most out of your trip, so apart from just guiding, we also include tailored instruction to progress through the tasks for your ratings, including theory sessions to prepare you for your Pilot exams.

This trip is also very suitable for non-flyers, with plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and shopping or just chilling at the hotel. Of course non-flyers can come out to the site and watch the flying-- photographers are always welcome! We have a tandem rig available for those who fancy a memorable view of Morocco from the air.

Accommodation and Transport

The hotel is comfortable and convenient for the city. Breakfast is included and there is a good restaurant available.

We usually eat out in the evenings in one of the many interesting restaurants in Marrakech. Our prices are based on 2 sharing a twin room, but single rooms are available for a modest supplement. (Please asks for details)

Airport transfers are short (less than 30mins) and we also provide transport to and from the sites each day and retrieves from wherever you have landed back to launch. (Though if you go for a long open distance XC you might have to wait till the others have finished for the day before we can come and get you!)


A perfect holiday for pilots who are looking to gain some airtime and experience under the guidance of experienced instructors. This can be those looking to complete their Club Pilot tasks, or pilots who would like to progress through or finish their Pilot qualification. It is equally suitable for flyers who just fancy some airtime in the sun.


This trip is priced at £695 for 7 days. You can have a 10 day option (recommended) This costs £895.0

Flight Options

Easyjet and Thompson operate cheap flights to Marakesh from London or Manchester.

If you want to make other travel arrangements or come on different days to those above it is vital that you contact us BEFORE so that we can be sure to be able to accommodate you. We try to be as flexible as we can and our contacts in Morocco can organise many options for you.

Some commonly asked questions:

Q. Do I have to travel on the flight you use - for example if I live a long way from the airport your flight leaves from?
A. No, you can organise your own flight if you can find something suitable, but be aware that you may also need to organise your own transport from the airport to the hotel.

Q. Do I need my own equipment?
A. If you are on a CP course or are already qualified you will need your own gear. Alternatively you can rent your equipment from us. We have a deal whereby you hire all of your kit for the duration of the trip. The cost for wing, harness, helmet reserve parachute and radio (supplied) is £300. This is generally refundable against purchse of new or used eqipment from Northern Paragliding provided that it is within a limited time and above a certain price. Please talk to us for the details.

Q. I would like to stay for an irregular number of days, can you accommodate this?
A. Yes! We can usually be flexible on this but be prepared to pay for your own airport transfers if the times and dates do not coincide with our pick-ups.

Q. Do you do group discounts?
A. We have no specific discount structure, but if you have a group of 4 or more and are willing for one person to be the contact for the group, then we will be able to offer you some discount.

Q. How reliable is the weather?
A. We never guarantee the weather anywhere in the world. We pick our dates to offer the best chance of reliable conditions and as a way to extend the normal UK season. Morocco is one of the most reliably flyable places so the prospects are excellent, although no guarantees are given!

Q. What if it is unflyable?
A. We will try our best to find some interesting activities or excursions, but you will be expected to entertain yourselves during certain times.

Q. Can I bring my non-flying partner and/or family?
A. Yes! We can organise the hotel room to suit and there are usually other non-flyers in the group and they often share the cost of a hire car to get around independently. Marrakech is a buzzing city full of activity. A visit ti the Medina is a must! The flying are area of Morocco is not very developed for tourism so don't expect resort amenities--camel trecking and quadbiking are usually available. We may be able to offer a tandem flight for non-flyers.

Q. Do I need any innoculations for Morocco
A. The following is the official advice regardig this:

"There are no inoculations officially required of travellers, although you should always be up to date with polio and tetanus. Jabs against hepatitis A, typhoid and cholera are worthwhile, too – although some doctors doubt the effectiveness of the cholera jab. Those intending to stay a long time in the country, especially if working with animals or in the healthcare field, are also advised to consider vaccinations against TB, hepatitis B, diphtheria and rabies, though these are not worth your while if just going on holiday.

Moroccan authorities deny the existence of malaria anywhere on Moroccan territory, including the Western Sahara, but other authorities report occasional cases between May and October in the region to the north of Beni Mellal and Khenifra, in the area between Chaouen and Larache, and in the province of Taza. Local strains of malaria are not life-threatening and malaria pills are not normally considered necessary unless you actually fall ill with it (in which case they are easy enough to get at any pharmacy), but if you really want to be on the safe side, you could take a course of chloroquine (brands include Resochin, Nivaquin and Avlaclor). Note that chloroquine should not be taken if pregnant, and is best not taken for stretches of more than six months at a time. The dose is two tablets weekly for adults, to be taken from a week before entering a malarial zone until four weeks after leaving it. More importantly, avoid bites; use mosquito repellent on all exposed areas of skin, especially feet, and especially around dusk. Repellents using DEET are usually recommended for adults, though alternatives are citronella oil and Avon's Skin So Soft bath oil, both of which are highly effective, safe for children, and don't contain nasty chemicals, though citronella oil is only effective for a few hours, not all night. Electric mosquito repellent scent diffusers are also effective indoors, but require a socket. Mosquito "buzzers" are useless.

If you haven't had a typhoid jab then buy some Intétrix capsules (available from any pharmacy in Morocco). These are excellent antibacterial medication – useful for diarrhoea as well as typhoid prevention – and some doctors consider them more effective than inoculation. They are certainly valuable if you are travelling for any length of time in the south."

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