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Tandem Paragliding Experience - Abergavenny


Paragliding Course Description

Tandem paragliding experience.

This is a great way to experience the thrill of truly free flight.   Take a flight with one of our experienced instructors over the beautiful valleys of South Wales.

The experience will include a short safety briefing, and you will be fitted with your harness and helmet before doing a couple of trial launch runs to familiarise you with the take- off technique.

Depending on the flying site we are using you may have a short walk to the launch point, or some are accessed by a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Once you are prepared, and the equipment is pre-flight checked you will take a few steps to launch into the sky on your paragliding experience flight.   We are a paragliding training school and the flight is conducted as a trial lesson, so you will learn about finding lifting air to soar, how the controls work and if conditions are suitable (and if you want to) you may well have the chance to take the controls yourself and try your hand as a pilot.

We will take a photo or two of you to keep, and you can of course take a camera up with you, though it is important this has a safety line to your harness as we do not want to drop anything.

The flight phase usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, and depending on the conditions we may either land back at the take-off-point on top of the hill or in a landing field at the bottom. We then need to spend a couple of minutes packing the paraglider ready for the next contestant!

The Tandem experience is available on weekends throughout the summer season (April to October). 



Typically the whole experience from briefing and preparation to packing up takes around 1.5 hours. We therefore will give you a “slot” of morning, afternoon or evening.

                                                                                    The small print :

Additional costs. You must join the British hang-gliding and paragliding association as a day member for insurance purposes. This costs £15 per person. This is the only additional cost to our fees.

 Who can do it ?  The tandem paragliding experience  has no  age limit but you must weigh at least 35 Kg and no more than 105 Kg normally clothed. You must also be fit enough to be able to run a few steps over rough ground.  If you are disabled we can still take you flying but may need to make some special arrangements regarding equipment and assistance. Please call us to discuss details.

What do I need to bring? Warm clothing to be out on the hills for a couple of hours, gloves are usually required and reasonably rugged footwear,- we may be landing in  wet grass or on heather. You will definitely need your camera.

What about bad weather? Paragliding is very weather dependent and for safety reasons we will only fly when conditions are benign.   We make a final decision on whether the day is “on” at 7.45 in the morning and this is why everyone must ring us between 7.45 and 8.15 on the morning of their course.  It is common to have to ring two or three times before you strike lucky and get a good day. For South Wales you must phone our Senior Instructor Pete Gallagher on  07838-372 142

Sometimes the weather will vary during the day and we may recommend you come early or later in the day. If we do get it wrong and call you out then find the conditions are no good, we will reschedule your experience at no charge.

What if I love it? One of the commonest reactions to a paraglider tandem flight is “I loved it, can I learn to fly solo.?”     Sunsoar offer a range of beginner and continuation courses to train you to be a pilot.


The Paragliding Experience sessions are available on weekends during the summer season (April to October) 






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