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  • Tailbridge--early evening flight.
  • Flying makes you happy!
  • Soaring alone in the Yorkshire Dales.
  • Feels so good at the end of a good day.
  • Perfect sky for flying.
  • Lovely light--lovely day to fly.
  • First launch!
  • OK to go?
  • A liitle extra help launching.
  • Yee ha!
  • Introduction to the gear.
  • A day to remember.
  • Fulfilled and so happy!
  • Into the Sunset at Tailbridge.....
  • The daily inspection.
  • Living the dream.
  • The only way to fly......

Taster Day - Kirkby Stephen


Paragliding Course Description


 Please note that our taster days are being advertised at the moment through a voucher company at £85,  for a limited time only.


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Give them an experience they will never forget!


The Taster Day is the first day of the BHPA Elementary Pilot Course. As such you can use this day towards the completion your full EPC or on one of our overseas training trips.



What does it involve?

We meet at our centre at 10am and start the day with a coffee and an introductory talk. After this we sign you up as a member of the BHPA. This is obligatory as it gives you third party insurance. We do not include the cost of this in our course fee as there are several membership options depending on your circumstances and aspirations. Most people go for the 24hour option which currently costs £15.

Even from early on day one you will be connected to the glider learning the basics of pre-flight checking and ground control. We then move on to simulated launches and landings before venturing onto a slope where you will first defy gravity!

What is achieved is obviously dependent on the weather and your level of fitness and progress, but you can expect to be making short solo hops by the end of the day.

Who can take part?

Most people in normal health can participate in the Paragliding Experience, we do require a simple self-certification medical form to be completed. If you are under 60 and in good health you can sign off the form yourself.
If you are over 60 or do have some health problem, this does not mean you cannot take part, but we do need the medical form to be countersigned by your GP. Children below the age of 14 cannot fly solo, though we can sometimes arrange tandem flights if conditions allow.

What do I achieve?

There is a huge sense of achievement at taking to air by yourself - the sensation is as close as you can come to walking on air…

We have been flying paragliders since it all began in the 80s but the miracle of flying like a bird under your own steam never fades. To be able to achieve this on your first day is a miracle of aviation!

No-one ever forgets their first taste of free-flight--you will have become an aviator!

These days are offered on Saturdays or Sundays to individuals, but can be organised any day for groups of 4 or more (weather permitting of course).

If you want to buy this as a gift voucher please contact us so that we can personalise the voucher for you.

How do I redeem my voucher?

If you have a valid voucher - please see this page, where you can complete a booking form with your availability, please specify a few dates when you are free to come and fly if the weather is safe and suitable.

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