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Madeira is a Portuguese island off the northwest coast of Africa. It is known for its namesake wine and warm, subtropical climate. The main island  is volcanic, green and rugged, with high cliffs and pebbly beaches The Island offers the best weather conditions for flying all year round with over 80 launch sites. 

We will be located in Arco da Calheta area,  the sunniest spot of Madeira. Flying is available all year round.

  • TAKE-OFF: You can start towards the east, south and west, so it's almost always the right wind for flying. 

  • FLYING: You can fly as long as you want with the thermal uplifts and the winds, climbing the mountains. 

  • LANDING: You can land on Madalena or Calheta beaches to have some fresh drinks at local bars.

  • ENTERTAINMENT: We will participate in the pilot friendly barbecue at the take-off and you can jump into the pool on take-off for a swim.


Our operating area is the most flyable spot in Portugal. The perfect weather for paragliding all year round, a lot of sun and lifting air, wonderful landscapes, barbecue facilities and swimming pool – it simply has it all!


Our Madeira trip has great potential for all levels of pilot, particularly those looking for some reliable coastal flying and wishing to develop their skills and airtime. It is a place where the weather seems consistently good throughout the year when the opportunity to fly at home could be limited. The terrain is suitable too for thermal flying, leading pilots up to the mountainous areas behind take-off. The location benefits from smooth sea breezes and gentle thermals. For all these reasons Madeira is our exciting new Sunsoar destination.



We will be staying in a quality spa hotel near Arco da Calheta. Breakfast will be taken in the hotel. A good value lunch is available at the launch area. The area has many tourist attractions and many activities for fliers and non-fliers alike. 

The package includes expert guiding for pilots, all take-off fees, accommodation on B&B basis, airport transfers and all retrieves at the flying sites.



We fly to Funchal. The airport is served by many airlines from the UK. We will supply transport during your trip and airport transfers (provided you arrive and depart at the recommended times). Transport will include lifts to and from the flying sites and any recreational trips.


As always, please do not book your flights until the trip has been confirmed by us!


Please note that for personal accident insurance Madeira is considered included in Europe-wide insurance policies (check your own policy).