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The Team

Our team is made up of highly experienced paragliding instructors.  Not only do they enjoy flying all over the world they are enthusiastic teachers and with this comes patience and positivity.  We love to see our students progress from the first time we meet them on Day 1 right up to skygod.  Most importantly we ensure that our clients are competent in the BHPA tasks and beyond, developing their skills and knowledge to keep them safe in the sky to make the most out of our sport. 

Pete Morris

pete-m.jpg Pete Morris is Director and co owner of Sunsoar.  You will probably be in contact with Pete to arrange your training. Pete has been flying paragliders for over 20 years and instructing for 10 years. He is a keen cross country pilot and tandem pilot.  He runs the Sunsoar office, much of our UK training and organises many of our trips abroad. 

 Pete Gallagher

pete-g-sm.jpg Pete Gallagher, along with Pete Morris, is co-owner of Sunsoar.  An experienced skydiver and tandem pilot, he is a BHPA senior instructor and works full time in South Wales at the Joint Services Paragliding Centre.  He organises and runs many of our trips abroad. 

Ian Brown

ianb2002.jpgIan Brown has been flying since 1987 and witnessed the evolution of paragliding from it's earliest days.  He has been teaching continuously since 1993.  He instigated the first BHPA training trips abroad.  He conducts much of our training in the UK.


Shane Askam

 shane.jpg Shane is a very experienced cross country and tandem Pilot.  He has instructed for the military for many years and is our South of England Instructor.  Shane is often involved in teaching on our trips overseas.  He loves talking about paragliding and passing on his extensive knowledge of the sport, even when everyone else has gone to bed!


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