Turkey - Oludeniz
(16-23 Oct 22 TBC)

Ideal for Level 2 or 3, potentially Level 1​

Price: £850.00

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This is an exciting addition to the Sunsoar trips menu, which came in response to requests from our regular customers who wanted to fly in Oludeniz from the famous Babadag mountain or undertake an advanced wing control (SIV) course. It is a great venue for relaxing coastal flying and thermaling flights.

The fabulous location of Oludeniz is ideal for carrying out advanced paragliding manoeuvres with it's very high take-offs above the sea allowing for around 4,000 feet of usable descent after gliding out over the warm waters of the Mediterranean. The weather in springtime or autumn in Turkey is usually warm and fine.

Oludeniz is also a great place to bring your non-flying partner as it’s a well-known holiday resort with all that has to offer, whether it is a quiet day reading a book by the pool or a day out on a ‘pirate ship’ (can very noisy, boozy, but a lot of fun!).


Coasting out from around 6,000 feet above the sea the air becomes smooth and predictable, ideal for throwing shapes on your paraglider, followed by a spectacular beach landing!  Typically, the SIV courses provide a 3-day wing control course and once complete you can then thermal and soar high above the wonderful Babadag mountain and make small XC flights full of new found confidence in your wing and more importantly - yourself. 

Note: It is not necessary to come to Oludeniz and do an SIV course, just come along and enjoy flying in this unique location. If you are just looking for a 45 min top to bottom, some easy coastal soaring or gentle thermaling practice then this is also the place for you. When you have had enough you can float down to the beach for an EFES (local beer) or a cocktail! 

Daily briefings and guidance from our highly experienced Sunsoar instructors / guides are all included.  


We will be staying in a small, friendly budget hotel in the centre of Oludeniz, just a few minutes’ walk from the beach.  We will all be in twin rooms on a B&B basis, unless you wish to pay a little extra for a single room.  It is a short walk from the local bars and shops and the beach.  The hotel has its own restaurant, but we normally eat out at the various local restaurants at night.



The nearest airport to Oludeniz is Dalaman, which is approximately 1.5 hours away by private or shared shuttle bus. There are plenty of airlines flying to Dalaman from the UK as it is a popular tourist resort and as we travel just prior to the start of the normal tourist season the flight prices are usually reasonable. Transport will include lifts to and from the flying sites* and any recreational trips.


*Note: You will need to pay for a short taxi ride to the cable car station, for the chair lift to take off and a forestry commission toll, currently around £20 total per trip up the mountain, each time you fly.


As always, please do not book your flights until the trip has been confirmed by us!